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About the Timber Check Moisture Meter (model B350)

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Why Buy a Timber Check Moisture Meter

The Timber Check Moisture Meter was the first high-end moisture meter made affordable to the average woodworker

Since 1990, tens of thousands of professionals and hobbyist alike have benefited from the accuracy, reliability and affordability of the Timber Check Moisture Meter.

Following are some of the features that set our meter apart from the competition:

Timbre Check
  • What we consider to be one of the most outstanding features is its unique body design. The unit is compact, fitting easily and comfortably into your hand. Its size and shape permit easy storage in a tool box or pocket. The rugged body is 1/8" thick ABS plastic. The circuit board is bolted in place, not glued. The battery compartment is foam lined to limit internal movement. The label is printed on the back side of clear Lexan plastic. Scuffs, scratches and abrasions will not damage the printing so that the label will remain looking like new. In short, our meter is built to take the abuse of everyday use and accidental mishaps.
  • The printed circuit board is coated with a solder mask and a sprayed protective coating to protect the circuit from moisture, oxidation, fungi, and corrosion from acids and alkalis.
  • The circuit design results in excellent temperature compensation with less that a 1% drift over a 100 °F change in temperature.
  • Our meter continually monitors its battery condition and will let the user know when the battery should be replaced. The required supply voltage is a mere 4V meaning that the Timber Check meter will last substantially longer than other units before needing a new battery.
  • Each Timber Check meter is individually calibrated using fixed components. No variable potentiometers are used, therefore virtually eliminating the chance of calibration drift over time. This also eliminates the possibility of the unit being jarred out of calibration if dropped.
  • The pins are coated for corrosion resistance and are easily replaceable. The meter comes with a set of spare pins and an attractive rubber pin cover for safety.
  • The Timber Check meter is supplied with four pages of literature consisting of operating instructions, a species adjustment table for 88 species of wood, as well as a complete short course on moisture in wood and its effects.
  • The Timber Check meter is manufactured completely by us in Canada. No parts are preassembled elsewhere. Even the circuit boards are made in-house. In this way we can ensure workmanship of the highest quality and consistency.

What others have said.

Our meters are carried by many of the top woodworking suppliers around the world. Numerous woodworking publications have also featured our meter.

"This meter is very easy to use. It is a sturdy, functional meter and compact in size" - Fine Woodworking Magazine, June 2002

" Rugged and simple are the operative words for this meter. It can tell you all you really need to know about air-dried or kiln-dried wood" - American Woodworker Magazine, June 2002

"… the Timber Check - for only $60 - delivers no-frills accuracy." - Wood Magazine, October 2000

" The Timber Check Moisture Meter tells me all I really need to know for the least cost " - American Woodworker Magazine, October 1993

We are even featured in the Time-Life Encyclopedia Of Wood (vol.5, pg.79).

About the Timber Check Moisture Meter (model B350) | Moisture in Wood | Pin-type vs. pinless meters | Locate a supplier | Warranty information | Replacement Pin Probes | About us | Contact us

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