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About the Timber Check Moisture Meter (model B350)

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Using Your Timber Check Moisture Meter

Step 1. Push the pins into the wood sample.

Step 2. Turn the dial up until the red indicator light comes on. This is the moisture content.


  • The red indicator light will remain on at all levels above the correct level.
  • Ensure that you are at the lowest value that will turn the red light on.
  • If the red indicator light is on at all levels then the wood moisture content is the lowest value ( < 6% )
  • The red light will be on at all levels if the pins are not touching wood.

Step 3. Turn the dial to "OFF" when not in use.

Since wood is not a homogeneous material, readings may vary slightly from place to place on a sample. For the most accurate results, readings should be taken from a cut section, at least 8" (20cm) in from the end. The reading should be taken immediately after the cut is made. If this is not possible, a series of readings should be taken along the length of the board. The pin probes should be pushed in about 3/16" (5mm). Readings should never be taken from the end of a board that has been exposed to the air for any length of time.

If you are seasoning wood and require many accurate readings over a period of time, two small nails can be driven into the wood 5/8" (16mm) apart and left there during the drying process. The nails should be driven in to half the thickness of the board. Readings can then be taken by touching the pin probes to the nail heads.

The indicator light may not come on when the meter is used in very wet woods. If the indicator does not come on, the moisture content is greater than 40%.

The exact moisture content reading will vary slightly from species to species. The Timber Check™ Moisture Meter is calibrated with red oak. The included table will provide the required adjustment for 74 other species of wood.

The meter is calibrated for wood at 20°C (68°F). If the temperature of the wood being tested varies significantly from this value the wood temperature adjustment table should be used.

Some additives such as inorganic preservatives or the adhesives used in plywoods may cause erroneous readings. Adhesives can be checked by first testing only the top ply of the wood, and then pushing the pins through the layer of adhesive to see if the reading changes.

The Timber Check™ Moisture Meter can also be used to measure the relative moisture content of other building materials including gyproc, wallboard, concrete, brick, etc. Readings will be a relative value only. For very hard or delicate materials, the pin probes can be touched gently to the surface of the material.

If the "POWER" light does not turn on, the battery should be replaced, even if the red indicator light still works. To replace the 9V battery remove the two screws at the pin probe end. Gently pull the end off and remove the battery.

If the pin probes become damaged they can be easily replaced by removing the end in the same manner. Peel off the insulating foam that protects the mounting screws. Push the pins through the end cap and remove the complete pin assembly from the cap. Remove and replace the pins. Additional replacement pins are available.

About the Timber Check Moisture Meter (model B350) | Moisture in Wood | Pin-type vs. pinless meters | Locate a supplier | Warranty information | Replacement Pin Probes | About us | Contact us

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